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Stories of inspiration

At CMHA Ottawa, we have asked some members of our peer engagement advisory council (PEAC) and clientele to share stories that have help inspire them through self-isolation. Here are just some of those stories.

Are you an active client of CMHA Ottawa and you would like to share your story, artwork or talk about what inspires you? Talk to your worker about how we can get you featured!

Finding stability and mental health with the help of CMHA Ottawa

First-person: Aaron James shares the story of his journey to recovery.

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My Journey of Recovery

While everyone’s mental health journey is different, we can find inspiration in the similarities of the stories we share. Here’s one CMHA client’s story of recovery and finding a community of peers.

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Finding Satisfaction in life – meet Taneeta

A former client of CMHA Ottawa has come full circle from being a young person in crisis to someone who provides a safe space for youth in crisis.

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Life is a Labyrinth

One person’s story of the propelling power of visual art through the twists and turns of a mental health journey.

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The Advantages of Attending Peer Group Meetings Online

One peer’s story of the rich experience of embracing virtual care at CMHA Ottawa.

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Deborah’s Story (Recovery Month)

My name is Deborah and this is my story of recovery. I was in the CMHA Ottawa Familiar Faces program for five months, from February to July 2020. I have progressed to the point where I can now move forward independently and no longer need weekly support from CMHA Ottawa.

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We All Have Things to Share: George’s Story

George wants you to know just how effective social services and health care providers can be when they work together. His story of recovery is one of collaboration, and the story of his illness is one of missed opportunities.

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Need Some Perspective? Look to History!

What would it have been like more than 100 years ago, to have survived Scarlet Fever, or to have nursed victims of the Spanish Flu or wounded soldiers during World War I?

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Getting Through the Pandemic

Lynne graduated from the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) program and case management service a few years ago. She currently sits on the Peer Engagement and Advisory Committee for CMHA Ottawa. Here she shares one way she is getting through the pandemic.

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A Home and a Smartphone

The story of one client of CMHA Ottawa and his journey from experiencing chronic homelessness to living in a place of his own – an how something as simple as a smartphone can help a person get through the COVID-19 pandemic and the self-isolation and physical distancing that come with it.

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Finding Your Purpose Again – Mental Health Week 2020

Finding your purpose again – eight points to hlep you get through the COVID-19 pandemic – from a peer’s perspective.

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