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In the spirit of supporting others, please find a number of documents we have been putting together to help our teams manage during COVID-19.  Feel free to use these at your discretion and if you require any assistance, please contact Nathalie Hutcheon and Patrick Jodoin.

Please note this page will be updated on a regular basis with additional resources, so feel free to check back anytime!

Technology Resources

Additional Zoom Meeting Resources

Personal Protective Equipment Resources

Suicide Awareness Online Training

If you are looking for an interim solution for Suicide Awareness training, CMHA Ottawa is offering the Living Works START program online for a discounted rate of $20 per person.  You can purchase your individual license by clicking the link below.  The discounted rate is valid until May 31st, 2020 and a portion of all proceeds are donated to COVID-19 relief efforts.

The course is 60 minutes, self-directed and entirely online.  LivingWorks Start teaches trainees to recognize when someone is thinking about suicide and connect them to help and support.

Purchase Living Works START

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