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Available now: CMHA Ottawa Annual Report for 2022-2023

Presenting the CMHA Ottawa Annual Report for the 2022-2023 fiscal year. Learn about our vital community-based programs and services, the people we serve, and how we’re working to develop a community that values everyone’s human dignity, mental health and well-being.


Download the report in English: CMHA Ottawa Annual Report 2022-2023 PDF

Image depicts two people smiling. Another image of a mural of a heart. Text reads CMHA Ottawa Annual Report 2022-2023.

Télécharger le rapport en français : ACSM Ottawa rapport annuel 2022-2023 PDF

L'image représente deux personnes souriantes. Une autre image représente une peinture murale d'un cœur. Le texte se lit comme suit : ACSM Ottawa Rapport annuel 2022-2023.
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