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Download it now: Bright Ideas 2023 Proceedings Report + Video Recording
Nov 15th, 2023

The day-to-day work that takes place at CMHA Ottawa is innovative, impactful, varied and compelling. We work every day with eligible individuals in the Ottawa area who are experiencing a…

Community benefits and cost savings: the value of Consumption Treatment Services (CTS)
Nov 13th, 2023

Ontario’s battle against the drug poisoning crisis has been a challenging one. Consumption treatment services (CTS) have emerged as a clear solution, offering both community benefits and significant cost savings….

The real impact of Consumption Treatment Services on community safety
Nov 7th, 2023

The data is clear: consumption treatment services are not just neutral in their impact on community safety – they actively enhance it. Several studies have delved deep into the relationship…

CMHA Ottawa’s newest Board member, executive VP and CFO at The Ottawa Hospital, Nathalie Cadieux, named Ottawa Business Journal’s CFO of the year
Oct 31st, 2023

Executive vice-president and chief financial officer at The Ottawa Hospital—and CMHA Ottawa’s newest Board member—Nathalie Cadieux was recently named CFO of the year for 2023 in Ottawa Business Journal, the…

The drug-poisoning crisis in Ontario and the need for harm reduction
Oct 30th, 2023

Ontario is grappling with a deepening drug-poisoning crisis. The harms related to unregulated opioids have seen a sharp uptick, with more emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and fatal overdoses. The data…

CMHA Ottawa celebrates 70 years of service with open house event
Oct 26th, 2023

The CMHA Ottawa 70th anniversary open house—held the afternoon of Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2023—was a great success. Together with our local community, we celebrated 70 years of service to the…

CMHA Ottawa recognizes Global Peer Support Celebration Day
Oct 19th, 2023

Every year, the third Thursday of October is Global Peer Support Celebration Day. We’d like to mark the occasion by sending out a high five to the peer support workers…

Available now: CMHA Ottawa Annual Report for 2022-2023
Oct 18th, 2023

Presenting the CMHA Ottawa Annual Report for the 2022-2023 fiscal year. Learn about our vital community-based programs and services, the people we serve, and how we’re working to develop a…

Navigating mental well-being amid the Middle East conflict
Oct 18th, 2023

The ongoing war in the Middle East has garnered significant attention worldwide. With real-time updates, graphic images, and a plethora of opinions flooding our screens, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed….

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