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Congratulations, Dania Versailles, new co-chair of Archipel OHT 

CMHA Ottawa Director of Clinical Services selected as co-chair of Ontario Health Team serving Ottawa east and part of Eastern Ontario 

CMHA Ottawa would like to congratulate Dania Versailles, Director of Clinical Services, on her recent appointment as co-chair of the newly established Ontario Health Team, Archipel, along with Sylvie Lefebvre, Executive Director at Community Services of Prescott and Russell. 

Previously known as the Ottawa East Ontario Health Team (OE OHT), Archipel is a coordinated group of health and community service organizations and professionals, of which CMHA Ottawa is one of 70 partners. Based in Eastern Ottawa and Prescott and Russell United Counties, Archipel provides health care and services to residents of the area, in both official languages.  

Ontario Health Teams (OHT) are a new model of care initiated by the Ontario government in 2019. OHTs are intended to provide easier access to health care and services, and for organizations to better coordinate existing services to improve the experience of these services with equity for clients, families and caregivers. 

“Dania’s energy and commitment in this role will help ensure that mental health and substance use health are strong considerations in the development of the full range of health services in our region,” said Dr. Tim Simboli, Executive Director at CMHA Ottawa. “CMHA Ottawa has long believed that working together with other parts of the system will ensure the best health and mental health outcomes of the people we serve. Congratulations, Dania!” 

“It is with great honor and gratitude that I’ve stepped into this role,” said Dania. “It is my sincere hope that collectively partners, peers and family representatives and healthcare workers can morph the healthcare system through meaningful, complimentary and multi-sectorial work and collaborations to truly address the needs of the people who live, work and play within our designated regions. 

Dania joined the team at CMHA Ottawa in November 2017. She is responsible for Court, Housing and Hospital, and Dual Diagnosis Outreach programs as well as Education and Training. Dania is a dedicated healthcare leader who holds a bachelor’s and a Master of Science degree in Nursing, and a 2nd Master of Science in Nursing with a specialty in Mental Health and Psychiatry. 

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