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Peer Engagement Advisory Council (PEAC)

The Peer Engagement Advisory Council is a group of clients, family/loved ones and CMHA Ottawa staff who meet regularly to advise and support CMHA Ottawa to be the best that it can be.

PEAC provides a forum for clients and families to voice their opinions regarding services and to participate in opportunities to improve the quality, safety and outcomes of CMHA Ottawa services.

PEAC encourages client engagement and person-centered care in all aspects of the agency: at the service delivery level, the CMHA Ottawa policy level, and the mental health care system level.

PEAC promotes opportunities for collaboration among clients, families, management, staff and the Board of CMHA Ottawa.

Client and family member advisors are either currently receiving services/have a loved one receiving services or have received services from CMHA Ottawa in the past. They have the ability to speak directly from their own lived experience and also appreciate the broader perspectives of other clients and family while they advise and participate in PEAC activities.

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